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MainPro cleaning software is the central pivot for your tank cleaning activities. From the entering of cleanings, to the management of your customers, to the monitoring of the cleaning process and the generating of invoices. The various modules ensure that you can perfectly control your cleaning process.

MainPro Tank Cleaningsoftware

MainPro has been developed by tank cleaning and IT solution experts. In close collaboration with companies that use the software every day we have created a solution which will perfectly match the workflow of the tank cleaning process.

Cleaning Base

Management of customer product information and cleaning programs, printing of ECDs, exporting data, planning tool & truck wash.

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Cleaning Guard

Automatic selection of washing programs, matching of washing tickets via unique numbers, fixed required parameters, registration data in database, PLC connection, secured cleaning, reports with diagrams and cost analyses.

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Generate invoices automatically, credit invoices, advanced settings, extensive CRM.

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Bart-Jan de Jong, Consultant


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Complete tank cleaning solution

  • Management of customer data
    Customer-relevant data like addresses, contact persons and license plates can be saved and managed in the customer database.

  • Management of product information
    All product-specific information can be saved and managed in the product database. Safety instructions and washing programmes can be linked with products.

  • Submintting cleanings
    Cleanings can be programmed and washing lanes can be pre-selected. The up-to-date status (waiting, cleaning, finished) of all cleaning services is conveniently displayed on one screen.

  • Printing of European Cleaning Document
    After a cleaning has finished, the ECD can be printed according to the EFTCO layout.

  • Exporting of Data
    MainPro makes use of a SQL database. This makes it possible to export the data to, for example, your own invoicing software.

  • Planning Tool
    The cleanings can be divided over various washing lanes on a digital planning board.

  • Truck Wash
    MainPro also provides the possibility to print a washing ticket for external cleaning services.

  • MainPro in Practice
    Setting up of different user levels; Data export to Excel or financial software is possible; Easy sorting and searching of data; Multiple languages selectable; Additionally, the software offers full possibilities for plugins and custom-built reports, providing you with tailormade software that is tuned to your requirements.

MainPro works for:

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MainPro modules

Manage customer data, products and cleaning programs
Integrated document management systeem
Printing of ECDs and Cleaning instructions
Financial export
Customer webportal
Pre announce cleanings
Cleaning Guard



Curious about the possibilities of MainPro for your organization? Please contact us at info@mainprocleaning.com or call + 31 (0) 78 68 11 502

MainPro is a joint development of Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V. and Lucrasoft Solutions B.V., which combines the best of both worlds. Gröninger is the prominent producer of tank cleaning systems. Lucrasoft has been active in supplying tailor-made software in the transport industry for years (the creators of Depot Software).


Lucrasoft Solutions B.V. Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V.